Start each day with a positive thought, a grateful heart and a radiant smile.

Someone once said "we are addicted to our thoughts." This got me thinking if it's really true that we are? If so, why are we always on a quest for more? Is it true that once you access someone's thoughts you are prone to change your own. Is it okay to change your thoughts? Is it a weakness, is it an influence or is it a sign of maturity and evolution?

Whatever the case may be, I believe thoughts are meant to be shared, to be discussed, to be argued and sometimes to be changed. That's right, nothing lasts forever and definitely not our thoughts. This might sound like bad news, but as a matter of fact it's great news.

I would love to share my thoughts with you, my personal experiences, my stories... personal and non-personal, articles that I've read and loved, great reads and learnings I have collected along the way.
I'll be talking about Love, emotions,trust, relationship, happiness, forgiveness and much more.
Stay tuned and give my thoughts a go; you might like them...