Ever since I was a teen, I believe I was a Life Coach in my own way. I had no idea what life coaching meant at the time, but I had it in my heart. I was someone who comforted friends and whom friends confided in. I always found myself giving helpful, mature advice even though I was making my own mistakes being an adolescent, going through life. I was aware of the mistakes I made, but somehow, I knew it was just a phase. We’re all offered one life to live and we better live every single stage of it. My motto back then was “you live, you learn” (thanks Alanis Morissette J)

I believe I had a happy childhood although I did not have much, but I did have amazing parents who did the best they could with whatever means they had.

I was always a dreamer. I knew what I wanted, I knew what my dreams were and I’ve always worked towards them with determination. I wanted to be independent and leave my home country in search of adventure, so I did. I wanted to grow and live life to the fullest, and eventually I wanted to meet the love of my life, get married and have three children. I had it all figured out! I used to consider myself lucky that I achieved most of the things I dreamt of, but now I understand that this has nothing to do with luck. Now I know better. Dreams and wishes do come true, all you need to do is believe in them, imagine them happening, let them sink in your subconscious mind, keep the image alive in your head and move forward.


At the age of twenty-two, I met my life partner and together we started dreaming again and building our future. Life happened, babies happened and just when life seemed to be perfect, the darker side of life happened too, for everything in this universe has it’s opposite and that’s just the nature of Life. I lost my parents, within a week of each other.

I decided to shove everything aside and move on with my life. I had a loving husband, a toddler to raise and a business to run. Little did I know that procrastinating grief is not a good thing; you would think that life goes on, and yes it does, and we’re suppose to move with it, but how can we progress if we’re stuck in the past with unfinished business.

Negative emotional baggage from the past, that was left unprocessed, added to my daily stress, affecting my marriage, my kids, and every other aspect of my life. I was simply unhappy for no obvious reason and little by little I started feeling heavy, slow and unable to catch up with Life. I knew that the problem lay in me, and I knew that I needed to fix myself and only then would I find peace and start catching up with life again. And I did just that. I was my first client.

By becoming a Life coach, I have finally found my path, and what a beautiful path it is to follow. I believe in its purpose and feel so strongly about it, that it has become a profound life-changing experience for me. I found inner peace, love and forgiveness. Life as I knew it has changed for the good, for change is movement and movement is living.


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